Budget tourists will be glad to know that there are lots of cheap places to travel around the world. In fact, all it takes is proper planning, preparation and research to achieve your dream goal of spending some quality time with family away from home. If you are looking for the perfect getaway this year, here are some of the options you have when it comes to budget-friendly destinations. We’ve compiled a list of the top three cheap places to travel as you enjoy delicious cuisines, splendid art and culture and breathtaking views. Enjoy.

The Top Three Cheap Places to Travel:

From dining to accommodation, we’ve factored in every facet of traveling before compiling the list below.



If you’ve done your research well enough, it doesn’t get more exotic than Cambodia. The country is filled with a mind-boggling blend of cultures and fine art to cap it. This is also the destination to visit if you enjoy archeological relics and architectural wonders. While in Cambodia, it would be in your best interest to check out the Angkor Wat located in the northern region of the country – a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest religious monument in the world spanning over 500,000 acres of land. It is a really peaceful and relaxed place perfect for meditation or soul searching. Also, your trip to Cambodia wouldn’t be complete without taking an elephant ride around some of the best sites the country has to offer. The best part is, Cambodia is indeed one of the cheap places to travel globally.



Located in the Catalonia region of Spain, Barcelona is regarded as a sweet spot for tourists seeking fine weather, trendy fashion and architectural marvels. It is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe as well and hence, making it a tourist’s paradise. There are lots of fun things to do while in Barcelona meaning it shouldn’t be a hassle finding engaging activities for your family. For instance, you can opt to watch the famous flamenco shows at the Tablao de Carmen or perhaps, relax on the fine sandy beaches at Barceloneta. If you enjoy shopping, the world-famous La Boqueria market should do you some good. In a nutshell, Barcelona is a tourist haven filled with great scenery, enjoyable music and culture and fine cuisine – all at budget friendly prices.



While Denver is regarded as one of the few low-key cities in the US, it created the entire buzz a few years back when it legalized recreational marijuana. This aside, the city is filled with plenty of sites and spots for tourists to enjoy. For instance, you could choose to take a tour of the city’s booming brewery such as The Great Divide Brewing Company or perhaps, visit the equally thriving food scene defined by an infinite number of world-class cuisines. For art lovers, the Denver Art Museum should fulfill all your fantasies. Here, you can take views of famous masterpieces by O’keeffe, Picasso and Matisse just to name a few. Worth noting is, entry to the museum is free every first Saturday of the month.
To wrap it up, the above sweet spots paint a picture of the cheap places to travel for those on a budget. As we always advise, be sure to make early reservations for safe measure.


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