Playa Del Carmen….Carmen Del Carmen…or Playa EL Carmen!

Are you muddled?

I was also confused when I listened about the place Playa Del Carmen. Yes! This is not a funny word, This is a place name in Mexico.

My friend came to my home, and said what’s the plan for you for holidays?

I was actually searching good places on the internet. Suddenly he said, ‘Let’s go to the Playa Del Carmen. I ignored him.

He looked at me and took my laptop and put the word Playa Del Carmen on Google and the pictures of Playa Del Carmen was amazing!

playa del carmen

I was so impressed with that place. And I said decided!

Let’s go to the Playa Del Carmen. But I asked, what are the best things to do in the Playa Del Carmen? He smiled at me and said, ‘there are a lot of things to do in Playa Del Carmen.’

Let’s book our ticket. And after 4 days we were in Playa Del Carmen.

Where is Playa Del Carmen is pinpointed?

Playa Del Carmen is a town which is in the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is also called the Mayan Riviera and is an area, which runs from just south of Cancun.

Playa del carmen is located in the state of Quintana roo, which is located in the most eastern part of Mexico.

Best things to do in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is known as one of Mexico’s most expensive destinations, but it is possible to have a great time in Playa Del Carmen. The best things to do in playa del carmen are:

1. I just Love Art

Every Thursday on 5th Avenue, there is artist displaying their work. These works are from local talented artist and some of them are famous outside of Playa and display in galleries around the world. Also check out 16th Street next to Quinta Alegria Mall on 5th Avenue where local artist set up and you can see paintings and photographs here.

2. Gallery of Sunshines

Get up and see the sun rise! Free every morning is the sunrise. It seems to be different all the time. Don’t miss it!


3. Magic hour is 12 Midnight

Playa Del Carmen has world class clubs and you don’t have to spend money all the time to go out. The best secret is going out before the magic hour, when is that? Usually, this is 12 midnight.

Playa Del Carmen clubs

Also be sure if you are a lady to check out ladies nights all over Playa. Most are during the week and you can have free drinks!

4. Fresh Water Bubbles up

Cenotes are unique to the area and there are some famous ones that tours go to. At the north end of Playa Del Carmen, you can find a cenote where the fresh water bubbles up and runs into the ocean.

shallow rivers of fresh water

This makes for shallow rivers of fresh water where you can play and swim or just take in this beautiful spot.

5. International Film Festival

This is Riviera Maya film festival. This film festival takes place in early spring in Playa Del Carmen. It is usually April but can be moved around for scheduling purposes.

Riviera Maya film festival

This movie festival is like many international film festivals and the quality of the films are very good. Films can be presented in many languages and with subtitles.

6. Halloween, Christmas and New Year

Most holidays in Playa bring out a celebration. Some of the big holidays that are fun here are Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

Playa Del Carmen Halloween

People walk up and down 5th Avenue and take photos and give candy to kids. For New Year evening many people go out to a late dinner and stay up. Fifth Avenue becomes crowded with people and around midnight the area around 12th Street gets packed. There are fireworks and people party in the street.

7. Free beaches in Mexico

We have a lot of different beaches along the front of Playa. You don’t need to pay for a beach club to enjoy them. In fact, all beaches in Mexico are free and open to the public.

Free beaches in Mexico

Either take a walk on the beach or take your beach towel with you and soak up some sun. This park keeps adding attractions for guest visiting Playa and it can be an entertaining place.

On one side of the park is the beach with the large “Portal Maya” statue. Under this statue in the afternoons and evenings, you can find Mayan dancers putting on a free show here.

8. Founding Father Park

This is called as Hang out in Park Fundadores.This is the block size park just at the foot of Avenue Juarez and the beach, also by the Cozumel Ferry Pier. This park keeps adding attractions for guest visiting Playa and it can be an entertaining place.
Portal Maya beache

9. Restaurants, Shop and Life

This is Walk 5th Avenue. This is the pedestrian street in Playa Del Carmen that runs about 22 blocks. This is one of the main attractions in the city.

Playa Del Carmen restruants

There are tons of restaurants, shops, and life to watch here. There is an electric air on 5th Avenue and it is different in the day than the night time. When the sun goes down, people come out to dine and stroll the avenue. It can be very entertaining to go into shops.

10. Taste some Tequila

Taste some tequila and see how it is made. Hacienda Tequila Store is one of our recommended places for tourist to stop and shop.


It has good air conditioning, a large selection of gifts and a very large selection of tequila. In the back of this store is a touristy tequila display that roughly shows the process of where tequila comes from.

11. Hottest Night Spot

Playacrawl is great for a night on the town for a couple or a group and bachelor parties.This bar-hopping tour takes you to three of Playa del Carmen’s hottest nightspots.

bachelor parties

The experience is all-inclusive and provides 5 hours of the open bar including bottle service in at least 2 of the 3 clubs. You won’t have to wait in line either, because Playacrawl gets VIP access to all the nightclubs. You’ll sit at the best tables as well. The hosts are warm and friendly, and know how to get the party started.

12. Mysterious Caves and Cenotes

Rio Secreto is a natural park located just 3 miles south of Playa del Carmen. During a 3 1/2 hour tour, you’ll hike, swim and ride in a boat through flooded underground caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites that formed over thousands of years. The mysterious caves and cenotes will make your trip memorable.

rio secreto tulum

13. Water Stirred by the Wind

This present in Coba.The name of these Mayan ruins means “water stirred by the wind,” probably because the site is located between several lakes. At one point Coba was a city covering 27 square miles with a population estimated at 55,000.

Is Playa Del Carmen is free from Danger?

Mexico has a bad reputation for being a dangerous country, but just like anywhere there are areas to avoid. The Mayan Riviera is generally a safe area, with very little for the tourists to worry about. Many people want to know, is Playa del Carmen safe?

art playa del carmen

The short answer is yes but use common sense. Don’t wander around drunk after dark. When out at night, watch your drink. Make sure you cannot be easily pickpocketed. You can definitely talk to strangers but trust your gut. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t do anything illegal.

Don’t hang out with people who do.

Wouldn’t you follow these same guidelines at home?

Some Buzz for your Safety!

  1. It’s illegal to add the tip to the bill in Mexico.
  2. Only about 12% of drivers speak good English. So be prepared with some Spanish. At least know your destination in Spanish or Hotel name. Taxi drivers usually do know numbers in English if that is the only English they know.
  3. If you going to the club, then go with friends. Don’t go alone.
  4. Drugs are not a problem in Playa Del Carmen, If you plan on coming to Playa Del Carmen to party with drugs you should know that this is going to put you at risk for problems, mainly you doing something to harm yourself.
  5. Drinking alcohol will become a problem if you will drink in excess. If you are alcohol lover, make sure that you should take less drink.

I am Winding-up my Foray here!

Trips are good but with some safety. Whenever you go on the trip, take all the information about that place where you are going. Make your trip memorable with good safety goals.

Don’t afraid of doing adventure in your trip because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Life is either adventure or nothing. So, Enjoy it!



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