In my life, I have spent five years of my life in Flagstaff during my work days. What an amazing place! I still miss those days in Flagstaff. I always found the best things to do in Flagstaff. And I found many. From my words, I guess you are aware that I am not living in Flagstaff anymore. I am living in any other country but I still miss the Flagstaff.

The area, the mountains, the lakes, and most important the smell of vanilla!

What are you thinking?

Oh! I guess you are thinking that the town is made up of vanilla ice cream?


No! No! There is no vanilla or butterscotch factory in the town, but the city is situated in the middle of largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world-a tree famous for emitting a mouthwateringly sweet scent in the summer months.

Fun apart, if you are going in Flagstaff on any vacations, you will definitely want to know that what are the best things to do in Flagstaff?

I know your mind! Haha!

Okay! Let me tell you the best things to do in Flagstaff.

Are you Receptive about the Flagstaff?

Flagstaff is a city in the U.S. state of Arizona, surrounded by mountains, desert and ponderosa pine forests. It’s a gateway to the San Francisco Peaks, home to Arizona’s tallest mountain.


The people here are warmer than the weather means they take care of each other from the heart. The love between the people is actually the main reason that I love Flagstaff.

You might be wondering that murder is rare in Flagstaff!

Festival have made Flagstaff a super-hip place to be, especially in the summers and this is the major industrial hub. Flagstaff is a small town, so there is more traffic there.

But I miss the traffic too!

Wanna know the best things to do in Flagstaff?

I travel many spots in the Flagstaff, but I am explaining some of my favorite areas in the Flagstaff.

Why in hurry? I am explaining you.

Chocolate Niagara

Grand Falls, Flagstaff Arizona.

Grand Falls which are called as Chocolate Niagara because of its brown water is located in the Navajo nation. You might be wondering that the falls are actually bigger than the Niagara falls.

Grand fall is both amazing sight and sound, even you can hear a roar from half a mile away.

The water comes from the San Francisco and joins the little Colorado River, which creates a beautiful natural view.

Wanna go on Romantic Date?

Collins Irish Pub & Grill
Collins Irish Pub & Grill, Flagstaff, AZ.

If you are looking for romantic date and night ideas in Flagstaff, this is really a great place to visit. Collins Irish Pub & Grill is everything, what you expect from the sport-oriented pub. Choose large numbers of beers and food, and enjoy your date with your love!

Mothers of all Burgers

Mama Burger
The Mama Burger Restaurant, Flagstaff, AZ.

You can get the mothers of all burgers at Mama Burger. This is crazy that people are waiting in lines out the door for the burger. Their theme of burger hub is, ‘Give people, Great burger.’

Buffalo Park

the The Buffalo Park Flagstaff, AZ.
The Buffalo Park Flagstaff, AZ.

This is wildlife park, located in the north Gemini road. There is a buffalo statue situated at the entrance and a pond located there. There is a large open grassland area in the Buffalo Park

American Cuisine

American Cuisine

Are you craving?

You can get the American cuisine in The Brix, which is the small and cozy restaurant located in the beautiful renovated historic carriage house at the edge of Flagstaff’s downtown. You will get the list of sophisticated food and a good wine there.

Don’t miss the Washington Oysters fried in the cornmeal there!

Top Flagstaff Attraction

Walnut canyon national monument
Walnut Canyon National Monument, Flagstaff, AZ.

Walnut Canyon National Monument is a U.S. national monument. It is one of the great attraction in the Flagstaff. The view and the beautiful museum will get the visitors close to the view of the national monument.

Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ

Lowell Observatory is one of the oldest observatories in the U.S. that was designated as the national landmark in U.S. in 1965. At night, visitors can observe the night sky by real telescope and they enjoy the view of beautiful night.

Tap Room

The Mother Road Brewing Company, Flagstaff, AZ

The Mother Road Brewing Company is known as a Taproom, where visitors can enjoy many brews. A quality of beers and coasters are provided the visitors with a lot of food. You can also enjoy the live musical performance there.

Adventure Course

Fort Tuthill Park
Fort Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, AZ

Fort Tuthill County Park is fully an adventure course for visitors. You can enjoy the obstacles from suspended on tall trees, hanging nets, rope swings and scrambling walls. Thirty-minutes training session will be given to the guests before doing the adventures.

Lava Tube

Lava River Cave
Lava River Cave, in The Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, AZ.

The Lava River cave is a lava tube located in the Coconino National Forest. Visiting the cave gives the knowledge about biology, geology, and history.

Here’s the kicker that there is no front door to enter the cave. Visitors climb down through the hole in the cave and then adventure begins.

Boisterous, Charming and Delicious


Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is inviting you for the boisterous, charming and delicious pizza. The smell of garlic, ginger, and olives will snatch your heart. Whenever go there, you must the chicago-style pizzas for the fabulous taste.

Take only Memories, Leave your Footprints!

You know according to me, your investment in travel is an investment in yourself. And I always invest in the journey.

I have traveled many places in the world due to my field job. But I never found the region like Flagstaff. You must go in Flagstaff in your life. I was lucky that I was not the tourist there, I was an employee there. This is the reason I had spent many years in Flagstaff.

Travel, as much as u can.

Because, the world is the book and those who do not travel read only one page!


  1. Flagstaff does NOT smell like vanilla. Anyone who has lived in Flag or spent any amount of time there knows exactly what it smells like….dog food, disgusting dog food from the Purina plant. If your lucky enough the smell might be covered up by the drunken University students who can be found throughout the bars and pubs downtown. I’m not saying that Flagstaff doesn’t have its charming points but smelling like vanilla is not one of them.

  2. I’ve lived here for a year or so now, and all I can smell is dog food. The purina plant can sneak up on you and ruin your day.

  3. I’ve lived in Flagstaff over 20 years and while the east side of town can smell like dog food from the Purina plant it is not as if that smell is actually over the entire city surrounding areas. Most of the places the author mentions are hardly likely, if ever, to get a whiff from Purina.

    As far as college students and downtown goes I’ll take Flagstaff any day over what you see in downtown Phoenix or Tempe. Have you been to an ASU game? NAU is nothing near that level of drunken mayhem. There are far, far worse college towns than Flagstaff.


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