America is filled with cheap places to vacation. While the Disney Worlds and the Las Vegas casinos get much of the attention, it is important to remember that you have to get to those events vacation sites first. If you are driving to the expensive amusements, then consider these cheap places to go on vacation as you head to your final vacation destination.

  • Roswell, New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico

Not only is most of the fun at the nation’s UFO capital wildly weirdly and otherworld, but it is also affordable. Roswell, of course, became fame in 1947 after an alleged UFO crash there that produce actual dead alien bodies. Or so they say; whether those bodies exist somewhere or not, Roswell is today a company town and the owners of the company are those owners. First stop on the destination agenda is the legendary International Museum and Research Center where millions stop by each to check out the amazing exhibits on all things alien. This is just the beginning of an affordably good time in and around Roswell. Nearby attractions include Carlbad Caverns, enormous radio satellites that are part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Large Array and another can’t-miss museum: this one is dedicated local legend Billy the Kid.

  • Ocracoke

A strangely named little hamlet secreted away on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a hidden gem of a cheap place to go on vacation. What kind of inexpensive vacation fun can be had here? Take a tour of the lighthouse. Indulge in the pirate experience at Blackbeard’s Museum of Teach’s Hole. Try to figure out the unsolved mystery of the famously unique anatomical traits as you get a close-up look at the Okracoke ponies. Not to mention all the usual fun to be had on the beach. Oh, and be sure not to miss the Ghost Walk come nightfall.

  • The Ripley Ghost Train Adventure in St. Augustine
Ghost Train Adventure
Ghost Train Adventure

While on your way to vacation Valhalla in the center of Florida, you definitely should consider a stopover in St. Augustine either there or back. And while in St. Augustine, the one place to hit above all else is the Ripley Ghost Train Adventure. Kind of like a mash-up of the Polar Express and Ghost Hunters, if you think about it. The train is Victorian so you might even want to throw Jack the Ripper in there somewhere by way of comparison. The train takes you to actual haunted sites (well, you know, sites assumed to be haunted if you believe in those things) where you debark to become an actual ghost hunter equipped with electromagnetic field detectors to detect potential supernatural goings-on.

  • Uncertain, TX
Caddo Lake State Park, Uncertain
Caddo Lake State Park, Uncertain

The town bills itself as “The Best Kept Secret in Texas” and that must be true because this travel destination filled with fun remains a cheap place to vacation. Uncertain’s hot spot for travelers is centered on its proximity to Caddo Lake State Park where all the usual suspects of lake activities are gathered and waiting. Of course, not all lakes provide the opportunity for canoeing beneath the creepy atmosphere of moss hanging down from trees so you can easily pretend some kind of monster is chasing you. Nor do all lake towns feature anything like the Graceful Ghost: a real paddle wheel steamboat taking visitors on a grand tour. In keeping with the old-fashioned atmosphere of affordable fun, Uncertain also offers trolley rides, train rides, guided boat tours, a gator park, petting zoo and a botanical garden.


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