Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye, yet also includes the inner pictures of the soul. Same happened with me when I went to the Glacier National Park, Montana.

Oh, that place! Whenever I remember my trip, there is a beautiful smile on my face. I wish, right now I should be there again. Last year, I went to the Glacier National Park with my friends and that view of the mountains, the rivers, whether, animals and area were simply awesome.

Beautiful is a very small word to describe that place.

Wait! I guess you are also looking interesting to go there?

But one thing I want to clear to you that you must know best time to visit Glacier national park, Montana. Because of cold weather anytime going there is not good.

Now, you wanna know what is the best time to visit Glacier National Park?

But why are you in hurry to know about the best time to visit Glacier National Park? Let me tell you about the beautiful Glacier National Park, Montana.

Come, Travel with me!

Mountains are Calling Me and I must Go

Glacier cut through the stones, sparkling stars fill the darkness of the night, the field of flowers fill the spaces between the mountains, crystal clear mountain lakes, cutting valleys and rushing rivers.

Glacier National Park

Wow! Are you in dreams?

This is an exactly picture of the Glacier national park. The Glacier national park provides an exceptional background experience and the perfect place for adventure.

It was established on May 11, 1910, that covers about one millions acre of land. It contains twenty-five active Glaciers that move due to melting. The Glacier is a part of “Crown of the Continent Ecosystem” an area of the land designated to conserve biodiversity. The park is comprised of the several ecosystems, bunchgrass, alpine and aquatic.

Location of this Beautiful Glacier

This is located in the U.S state of Montana, on the Canada-United States border with the Canadian province. The park includes parts of two mountain ranges over 130 named lakes, more than 1000 different species of plants and hundred of species of animals.

Stunning facts of the Glacier National Park!

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors there are few places to head to in the United States that can offer more than the state of Montana.

Glacier National Park

The gem of Montana’s great outdoors though is the very popular Glacier National Park. This national park covers more than one million acres and is home to a great many wonderful examples of physical geologic formations, wildlife, and plant life.

I Love combination of Fire and Ice

Fire at Glacier national park

Glacier has a long history of wildfires. The park experienced a severe fire season in 2003 when the 13 % of the park’s land burned and park receives an average annual snowfall of 138 inches. So, there you will always find the combination of fire and Ice.

Going-To-The-Sun Road is a Wonderful

Going-To-The-Sun Road

Traveling east to west, the Going-To-The-Sun Road is a 50-mile long drive through the park. This road is registered as the National Historic Place, National Historic Landmark, and Historic Civil Engineer Landmark.

Wanna Cross the Border?

Northen part of National park

You can cross the border in the Northern part of the park. Are you wishing to cross the border?
But you need your identity before receiving a mountain goat shaped stamp in your passport.

Goat Hunt

Goat Hunts
In above, I mentioned the word goat shaped stamp. Are you confused?

Mountain goats are an important part of Glacier’s identity. They are the Glacier’s official symbol. They are the most famous creatures in the Glacier. You can spot these animals at ‘Goat Lick Overlook’ a mineral lick located in the southern part of Glacier.

Switzerland in the Glaciers!

Hotels in National Park

Due to increasing numbers of tourists, Hotels and areas are designed like the mimic lodges in the Switzerland to accommodate the crowd. These designs with the use of the natural materials were dubbed as ‘parkitecture.’ Some of the buildings are registered as the National Historical Landmarks.

Wanna Feel like a Royal Guest?

Royal Tour Buses

U.S national park introduced tour buses to reduce the car traffic. Vintage and jammers transport guest in style. I guess you are feeling crazy!

Historical Feeling!

Wood Boat

Wooden boat tours have been a feature of Glacier and many of the original boats still cruise today. When you will sit in the wooden boat, You will definitely feel historical.



It should come as no surprise that park is known as the crown of the continent because it has given the diversity of flora and fauna across the park.

The Array of Wildlife


Because of its protection efforts, the park has maintained nearly its entire original animal species since Europeans discovered the area. The wildlife is one of the attraction centers of the Glacier.

International Peace Park


Glacier is a part of world’s first international peace park. Glacier National Park and Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park was established as the first International Peace Park, the two parks joined together as a symbol of goodwill.

Triple Divide Peak

Triple Divide Peak

Triple divide peak sends water to the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. This means the water that falls from the triple divide peak flows into the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, and Arctic ocean. It’s true, What an amazing view!

The North Fork

North Fork side Road

The North fork is one of the uncrowded sections of the Glacier national park. You can reach there by your own private vehicle. Due to rough dirt roads, visitation is reduced. But adventure is must in the trip and trip is incomplete with adventure. So, go there!

These are the main spots in the Glacier national park, where you can go and with your friends and family.

But! But! But! I already mentioned that you must know the best time to visit Glacier national park.

What is the Best Time to visit Glacier National Park to see all these Beautiful Places

Guys, If you are interested in hiking and backpacking, then summer is the best season. Anytime from late may to early September has the most hiking-friendly whether.

Best time to visit glacier national park Montana

The first half of the September may be the best time to visit. October can be beautiful in Glacier, but weather becomes unpredictable, cold weather and snow become very likely but you will also have some sunny days without high temperature.

And basically, it depends on what you want to do there!

I Terminate my Journey here in Words!

About my journey experience, I just wanna tell you that when you are in doubt, Travel.

Travel is the healthiest addiction. Words can end here but imaginations, scenes, and creativity about my trip can’t end. For real experiences, you must visit the Glacier National park but at the right time.

Always remember, travel brings power and loves back to your life!



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