Well! Well! Well! If you are planning your holidays at Cancun, then you should know the best time to visit Cancun. It is because you can enjoy to the best level in the best season. I always used to plan the holidays according to the season.

This place is full of fun, festivals, and romance. I think this place is best for couples who are planning their post-wedding trip.

Mayan Riviera Paradise Cancun

The best time to visit Cancun is from December to April. This season is the best season. If you want the healthy pocket, then you should book your flights and beds two months before.

It is because you are not going to get bookings during peak season and if luckily you get them, you have to compromise with your pocket.

Ok! You don’t worry about that, I am gonna give you complete detail about the best time to visit Cancun. I hope this sharing of mine going to help you a lot.

Best Months To Visit Cancun, Plan Your Holiday Accordingly!

As I told you that best time to visit Cancun is from December to April. People have shared that this is the best season. But there is always a mystery behind the history!

Cancun Hotel Zone (also known as La Isla Dorado), Mexico

Alright! Alright! I am not going to utter a chapter of history. I am going to tell you why December to April is considered the best time to visit Cancun?

When To Visit

Visit Cancun from December to April, these months are typically coolest. You can enjoy cool weather along with the people around.

From my point of view, March is the best month to visit Cancun, because It is a month of spring breaks at school and colleges. If you love busy streets, happy environment. You gonna get wonderful experience during this month.


You can experience lower rainfall during this month, so don’t forget to bring your umbrellas and raincoats. If you are booking your bed at the resort, then be sure that your resort should have warm pool facility. Enjoy pool bath after the afternoon. This is the best time to relax your body in Cancun.

This is just a beginning, we are not through yet. I have to tell some more interesting facts about the place.

If you are a food lover, then you dig here between December to April, as this season is also called the green season of Cancun. You can enjoy local Cancun herbs. The street food is really awesome.My taste buds are still demanding me to taste them again.

Cancun beach panorama, Mexico

One more thing is that, when you visit a place, you desire to visit the sites nearby. If you fall here from December to April, your trip will be the superhit and you can enjoy the visit to sites nearby. transportation facilities are good during these months.

I think you got an idea about the best time to visit Cancun. Is that True?

We have talked when to visit Cancun. Now, I need to tell you about when not to visit Cancun.
Come with me!

When Not To Visit

Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Plan your holiday here from May to September. If you dig here during these months, you are not going to enjoy over here.

If you look at your pocket, this is the cheapest time. As the season is not good, that’s why rates are down during this season. If you ask me, then this is not the best time to visit Cancun.

Now, the question comes; Why? Why? This time period is not the best time to visit Cancun?

Alright! Alright! Explaining you everything step by step.

My dear! The hot flame during this period gonna roast your skin, because the hot temperature of 90-degree Fahrenheit is recorded during this period. So, dare you to go there..!

Let’s move ahead! There comes a hurricane season in Cancun. This season starts from June 1 and ends up on Nov 30. Cancun experience tropical storms during this season. Heavy rainfall is there.

Cancun places to visit

And I know, you are smart enough, you got that! Right? You are not going to plan during these months.

This is all about no more best time to visit Cancun.

Let’s have a Look at Months..!

1. January: The average temperature during this month is 21-28 degree Celsius. The average rainfall is 4 inches. This month is called the coolest month in Cancun.

2. February: The temperature gets increased by 1 degree during this month. The average rainfall is around 2 inches during this month.

3. March: beach lovers are going to enjoy during this month because this month is best for swimming and water sports. One of the best time to visit Cancun.

4. April: This month is even better than March, as this month is warm is the little bit a warm month, an average rainfall of only 4 days is seen during this month.

5.May: An average rainfall during this month is only 4 inches, this month is also considered as the dry month. The celsius scale goes up during this month. The celsius needle touches 32-degree celsius.

6. June: During this month, an average rainfall of 5 inches is seen, rainfall is around 11 days a month, but still the temperature remains up.

7. July: Rainfall is lighter during this month but the celsius scale goes up. Celsius scale touches 33-degree celsius.

8. August: it is the hottest month of the year. Those who likes hot weather and the hot bath, this month is good for you.

9. September: Vacation planners must not plan their vacation during this month. A rainfall around 10 inches is recorded during this month.

10. October: This month also does not stand good for vacation planner. A heavy rainfall is recorded during this month.

11. November: here, starts the vacations, rainfall is over during this month and celsius scale goes down around 29-degree celsius during this month.

12. December: You can plan your vacations during this month. No rainfall and temperature is around 28-degree celsius. Go for it!

places to visit near cancun

Here, I conclude

Well, we have discussed the best time to visit Cancun. I think you have got the sure-short idea about that. Now, you can plan your vacations accordingly.

I have given you the temperature details month by month. You decide when you want to go.

If still, you need any assistance from my side or want to ask some questions, Ask me! I would love to answer you.

Stay happy!



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