One morning, one of my good friend called me and said, ‘ I am getting married.’ I was very happy to hear this. Like everyone, my question was, ‘where are you getting married?’ and she replied Tokyo in Japan.

I was so shocked and surprised at the same time by her answer.

I said, ‘Is Japan is a good place?’ What are the best things to do in Japan? She said, come there when I will get settle after my wedding.

After her wedding, I went to Japan to meet her, Japan became my favorite place. I still miss that place.

You will be laughed after reading this, I said to my friend, ‘please also find a guy for me in Japan.’

Don’t laugh! After reading this, you will also say like this. I don’t know about my partner, but I want to refresh my memories with you.

Come, Travel with me in Japan!

Why I am in love with Japan?

In Japan, broken objects are repaired with gold, which adds beauty to it. Same as people in Japan. The Japanese people are simply mode of style and fancy of art.

I am thankful to Japanese people who made my trip loving and memorable. Japan is not only a mega-busy country that thrives on electronics and their efforts, but it is also an appreciation of nature. One must travel Tokyo for the real experience of old Japan.

Japan, A leader in earthquake-proof structures!

In Japan, the building remained stable in an earthquake because instead of using steel and concrete, Japanese textile firm turned to carbon- fibers ropes.

The Japanese architect had developed a high-tensile twine from carbon-fibre composite. The carbon mesh inside buildings and the drape outside help restrain the horizontal force of the earthquake.

Entertaining things to do in Japan!

  • Buy a Japanese knife
  • Japanese knives are known to be some of the world best due to their keen edges, quality of steel and made-by-hand technique.

  • Do a kimono fitting
  • A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that is typically worn by women on special occasions. This is very popular in Japanese women and they love to wear this. Even me too!

  • Eat at the kill bill inspiration restaurant
  • Gonpachi restaurant, in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, is known for being the inspiration for the fight scene from the Kill Bill movie and it’s easy to spot the similarities. Not only can you enjoy the interior design, but you can also indulge in the bowl of soba.

  • Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  • The Happo-en Japanese garden sits in Shirokanedai district of Tokyo and is an exquisite example of natural beauty with its ancient bonsai, koi pond, and a blanket of cherry blossoms in the Springtime.

    Japanese Woman in a Kimono Making Tea

    Not only is it a beautiful representation of a Japanese garden, but you can schedule to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony where you will be drinking Matcha in their wooden Muan tea house.

  • Go to a cat cafe
  • Calico cat cafe Shinjuku gives you an opportunity to play with the unique feline breeds while drinking a cup of coffee.

  • Attend a baseball game
  • Japanese are very passionate about the baseball game. They generally love to play baseball at any time.

  • Watch wrestling practice
  • I am talking about sumo wrestling practice. The sumo wrestlers are the center of attraction for tourists and wrestling practice too.

    These all are very crazy things to do in Japan, in which you will find fun in all the way.

    Tokyo! Always on the move.

    When I went Tokyo, I am on the other planet. Tokyo is simply amazing. It was very clean. Everything was too shiny. There are many attraction centers in Tokyo which are remarkable.
    Here’s the list for you people!

    • I love vogue of clothes!
    • As Tokyo is a capital of Japan, the same is Harajuku is the capital of the fashion world. It is very amazing street fashion market. Every single day of the year, ten of thousands of people come here to shop and hang out and see what the latest trends are.

    • Omm..nom…nom…!
    • Food! Food is my favorite subject. One of the delicious, healthier and tastier food is Japanese food. There are a lot of restaurants in which you can enjoy the Japanese food. How can I forget about Street food? Japanese street food is also very good in taste.

    • Welcome to electric town, Akihabara!
    • If you are interested in technology, you must visit there. There is the largest collection of electronic appliances and devices. I also purchased many electronic things from there.

    • Hello Kitty! Sanrio Puroland !
    • The Fame of Hello Kitty! My words are for a second theme park of in Japan in Disneyland. They offer a variety of live performances and attractions.

    • Wanna play Games! Come to Pokemon center mega Tokyo
    • Sunshine City is a shopping mall in the Tokyo, a large shopping, and entertainment district. This place offers attractions like gaming and animation.

      pokemon store

      The Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is the largest Pokemon Center in Japan. This is where Pokemon fans shop for a huge range of games according to their interest.

    • National symbol of loyalty-’ Hachiko statue’
    • You will feel emotional after reading this story. Hachiko was a pet of Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor in the University of Tokyo. The pet lived with him until may 1925.

      Hachiko statue in Tokyo

      Professor had suffered from the cerebral hemorrhage and died ad never returned to the train station where Hachiko was waiting. Every day for the next nine years, the dog waited for him at Shibuya station. He died in 1934 and was found in the street in the Shibuya station.

    • Wanna touch the sky in Japan?
    • Tokyo sky tree tower is the world’s tallest self-supporting steel tower is communicator and observation tower. To get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo, the visitor can ascent to the main observatory at 150 meters and special observatory at 250 meters. The 2nd tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa.

    • Kabukiza, Theater!
    • It is the only theater in Japan that has shows every month. The building’s design is old and unique. The traditional drama’s of Japan performed in this theater.

    • For Nightlife lovers, Roppongi!
    • Do you love nightlife? Then, this place is best for you. This is the district for foreigners offers large numbers of friendly bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

    • Let’s ride in Tokyo Disneyland
    • Tokyo Disneyland is an 115-acre theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. The 4th largest theme park in the world. It was opened in 1983.

    • Wanna try seafood? Tsukiji fish market!
    • Are you seafood lover? Then, you should surely visit in this market. There are 400 different types of fishes in the market available for you.

    • Thunder gate! Nakamise
    • The thunder gate dramatically painted as red or black color. Red and black color provides thunderstorm and lighter sight for people. The best shopper centers in japan are present here.

    • For religious people, Sensoji!
    • In a city full of temples, Sensoji is the eldest, boasting almost one and a half millennium of history, this is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan. This temple became independent after the 2nd world war.

    • Controversial place in Japan, Yasukuni Shrine!
    • This place dedicated to soldiers who died fighting on behalf of the Emperor Japan. You should also go there for the information of the soldiers. Due to soldiers, This place is always in controversy in Japan.

    Comic facts about Japan and Japanese people!

    • Japan is very prone to earthquake

    • The reason of this activity is the location of Japan, the joint of the four different plates. Japan have got the Pacific plate and Philippine plate to the east and to the west. We have got the North American plate and the Eurasian plate and what is happening that the Philippine plate and the Pacific plate are heading towards the west. They are going to underneath to other two plates and that is what causing the problem.

    • Japanese guys spend a lot of time on hairs
    • How funny! They are conscious about their hair look. They work in bars and clubs, so they generally do the experiment on their hair.

    • Japanese bathroom
    • When I went to the toilet, I saw toilet seats were covered with towels. I mean to say that Japanese people use toweling around the toilet seat. Strange but true!

      They also use the fluffy-pads on the toilet seats.

    • Mobile phone addiction
    • You will see that they love to use phone each and every time. Japanese people are very phone addicted. You always find Japanese people stick to their phones.

    • Pocket garbage
    • If they are going outside, Japanese people always carry their garbage back to home. They always a carry bag with them for garbage. Interesting!

      We should learn from them.

    The Outcomes of my trip!

    There are a lot of best things to do in Japan which I can define to you but must go Japan for real experiences. With my discussion of my Japan memories with you, I guess now you are curious to go Japan.

    I always love traveling, because Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.


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