Trust me, you will fall in the love with Cape lighthouses!

Whenever you will visit in the Cape Cod, you will remember my words. Because from the time I came from the Cape Cod and till now, I daily see the pictures of lighthouses in my dreams.
Ah, What a trip!

Okay, wait! In brief, I am saying about my journey in the Cape Cod. I love visiting beautiful and dazzling places. Whenever I get a chance to visit any heart throbbing place, I definitely go.

Nobska lighthouse, Cape Cod, MA

One day, I was surfing the internet, that is my favorite hobby in free time. In the morning, I saw the beautiful picture of lighthouse newspaper. I found it very lovely. On my Laptop, I was again searching that location and that was crazy for me because there is not only one lighthouse, there is a hub of lighthouses.

This is what I was finding!

I said to my mother, this time I will go to the Cape Cod. After three days I was in my dream trip, a world of lighthouses, Cape Cod.

I guess you are also looking interested in going there.

Wait! Before you go there, you must know that the best things to do in the Cape Cod.

And here’s I am to tell you about the best things to do in the Cape Cod.

Do you know about the Cape Cod?

The Cape Cod, located in eastern Massachusetts that is among New England’s favorite summer vacation destinations and it thrives on tourism. Beautiful ocean beaches and small unique businesses and individuals. Vacationers come to lose themselves amongst endless miles of windswept seashore.

cape cod

There is real New England beauty in the Cape’s dune-studded landscapes cloaked in scrub oak and pine, in its fine stands of tall sea grass, and further inshore in its cranberry bogs, its forests of birch and beech, its meadows and marshlands.

Best Abodes in the in the Cape Cod!

While finding the best things to do in cape cod, I found the best places there. When I went there, that was the amazing corner of the world.

Here’s are my favorite places where I went on my trip!

Heritage Gardens and Museum

heritage museums and gardens

There is a lot of beautiful things in Heritage Museums and Gardens in the historic sandwich, Massachusetts. A collection of rare automobiles and a special exhibition gallery is made by local and international artists.

Pirates Adventure


Pirate cove adventure golf is the award-winning theme brings the adventure of pirates in your life. For the fun-filled golfing pirate adventure, you must go in the pirate cove.

Beehive and Sealife


<ahref=””>The Cape Cod Museum of The Natural History is the spacious museum on the set of 80 acres of the dazzling grounds. You will see the live beehive working and sea-life room with live specimens like turtles, fish, frogs, and mollusks.

In the Heart of Falmouth

Highfield hall and gardens

Highfield Hall and Gardens is a restored historic estate in the heart of the Falmouth.

Highfield is home to the variety of cultures and events. Concerts, lectures, and cooking classes are held by well-known artists. The Natural walk is the main attraction in the Highfield hall and gardens.

Elephant House


Edward Gorey House is also known as the Elephant House. The house is a public museum dedicated to the Gorey’s life work and animal welfare. His extraordinary work and concern about animals is the introduction to the museum. The museum aims to raise awareness about animal welfare.

Creamy and Cheesy


Far land provision is the specialty food store and bakery in the Princetown. This Island offers a lot of cheesy sandwiches and creamy cakes to the visitors. Cookies, brownies and hot pies from the oven will make your trip delicious.

State-of-the-art movie theater

Chatham Orpheum theater

Chatham Orpheum theater is the non-profit cinema house in a state-of-art movie theater on main street in the Chatham. The beautiful interior design will snatch your heart. You can enjoy a glass of wine after the movie. I guess you are happy now.

Island Queen

Island Queen

Visitors can travel with style with the relaxing ferry trip in the Island Queen. Travelers will find the plenty of relaxation and peace in the Island Queen. You can also go on a two-wheeler to enjoy the sites of Island Queen.

World’s largest Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole Oceanographic institution

Woods Hole Oceanographic institution is the world’s largest research institution in the oceanographic. You will get the knowledge about scientific study, tools and the vessels used for Oceanographic research.

The mansion of the Love of his Life

The Crosby mansion

The Crosby mansion with its spectacular views over the cape cod bay stands for the romance and love. The distilled alcohol from the Albert Crosby builds the mansion of the love of his life.

Sicilian-Italian Cuisine

Gerardi’s cafe

Gerardi’s cafe in the south Yarmouth has been serving the authentic Sicilian-Italian cuisine to the cape cod from last 15 years. A range of spirits, superb international and local wines and exotic cocktails complement the beautiful food.

Giants of the Deep

Dolphin fleet whale

Dolphin fleet whale watch tour is an unforgettable experience with the giants of the deep. This offers a whale-watching trip to the tourists. The guides also educate the visitors about marine conservation and the ecosystems.

Lighthouse is my affection

Cape Cod Light House

The Nauset lighthouse is the historic lighthouse and landmark in the Eastham on cape cod.
The mariners get guidance from the lighthouse and enjoy the fabulous lighthouses.

Marshes, Beaches and Ponds


There is a home to some world’s beautiful beaches in the cape cod. There are a lot of stunning lighthouses, landscapes, marshes, ponds and beaches in the cape cod national seashore.

Merry facts about Cape Cod!

  • There are more lighthouses in the Cape Cod than the other country in U.S.
  • The paper bag was first created in Cape Cod.
  • The Cape Cod is one of the biggest barriers in the world.
  • Cape Cod potato chips are one of the best chips in the world.
  • You don’t need a map to visit in the Cape Cod, if you have the free arm with you. Because Cape Cod map resembles like some is flexing his biceps.
  • One of the best view in the Cape Cod is the July month firework from boat in the water.

Journey ends in the Words, but not in the Dreams!

Everyone has a dream trip in their life and you must go there before life ends because life is a journey that must be traveled, no matters how bad the roads and accommodations.

A trip to cape cod was my one of the best trip in my life and I went there because life is a journey and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.

So, always love your journey.


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