If you are planning for Orlando, your trip is incomplete is you don’t step towards the seashore. No doubt that Orlando is a wonderful place but if I talk about beaches; Oh my God! Not less than a paradise.

Good news is that; These beaches are not too far from Orlando. You can reach here by driving for 1 to 1.5 hrs. So, it’s a holiday tour; why not enjoy driving?

This is the best place for the Beach lovers. Excitement and happiness with lots of fun. Those who love being crazy, gonna enjoy here to the fullest. Don plan a holiday a dumb place. I can assure you, you gonna enjoy these beaches.

Beaches Near Orlando

So. it’s my wise advice to you if you are planning for Orlando, be sure that you gonna visit Beaches near Orlando.

Let me take you to the verbal trip of Beaches near Orlando. Come with me! Let’s go!

Must Visit Beaches Near Orlando

Beaches near Orlando are wonderful, a visit to beaches near Orlando gonna make your trip more mesmerizing. These beaches are cleaned, plus crystal clear water is the main characteristic of these beaches.

Wonderful pubs and restaurants are nearby to make your trip more joyous. Mouth watering street food is waiting for you. Food lovers gonna enjoy this place.

Dive in if you want to know more about the Beaches near Orlando.

1. Cocoa Beach: Beach For food Lovers

Cocoa beach is among the best Beaches near Orlando. This beach is 59.57 miles away from Orlando. Those who loves to drive can reach here in just 1 hr, 5 mins.

Cocoa Beach Near Orlando

If you love food and fun, this beach is best for you. It has 5 amazing restaurants, 4 bars, marvelous gift shops if you ar a shopping freak, you can buy beautiful gift items to gift them to your loved ones. You must visit the world’s largest surf shop named Ron Jon Surf shop.

You can enjoy sports activities like; Windsurfing, kiteboarding, and parasailing. I love being here. Best beach among Beaches near Orlando.

2. New Smyrna Beach: A Hard Sand beach

This beach is most charming Beach among Beaches Near Orlando. This is for those who love fun. This beach is 55.6 miles away from Orlando.

Walk Way New Smyrna Beach Orlando

You can roam in your car around this Beach because this beach is enriched with hard sand. You can roam and find the best place for you where you can booze and can have fun.

Here you can enjoy watersports and fishing. The dazzling art community is nearby. Art lovers are magnetized to this place. Whenever you plan for Beaches near Orlando, don’t forget to visit this place.

3. Ponce Inlet Beach: Beach For Crazy People

This Beach is among craziest Beaches near Orlando, I said so because the water sports activities here gonna take your breath away. Here you can enjoy water sports activities like windsurfing, fishing, speedboat, parasailing, jet skiing and a grand lighthouse.

Ponce Inlet Beach
Light House at Ponce Inlet Beach

Well, if you ask me then speedboat is among my favorite. I love water sports activities.

You must be thinking that I am behaving like kids, Yes, actually I am! And I want to! It’s because I love being crazy. If you love to be crazy, you must visit this beach among beaches near Orlando.

4. Daytona Beach: The All-rounder Beach

Why did I say this Beach an All-rounder beach? Because actually, this beach is an all rounder beach. This beach is the most popular Beach among Beaches near Orlando.

Daytona Beach

You can enjoy water sports here, you can enjoy shopping nearby, you can have a look at monuments and old buildings nearby, lots and lots of art galleries are here.

You can make your taste buds happy with the mouth watering food of the popular restaurants. You should try for Daytona international speedway when you are here.

It sounds crazy man! This beach is the most busiest Beach among Beaches near Orlando.

Then what are you waiting for? Plan to go here today only!

5. Canaveral National Seashore: The Musical Beach

This beach is the musical beach. Why did I say so? The waves of this beach blow musical sound. This beach is most romantic beach among all Beaches near Orlando. This beach is less rush, noise free. So, you can have a walk here by holding hands of your soulmate.

Canaveral National Seashore Florida
Canaveral National Seashore Beach Florida

Seashore here is the longest seashore. You can enjoy cycling and long walks. Climate is superb. The most important thing I forgot to tell you that this beach is 64.55 miles away from Orlando.

If you are strolling for peace, you must visit this beach, this beach is peaceful beach among Beaches near Orlando.

Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach and Indialantic

This beach is 67.35 miles away from Orlando. You can enjoy here turtle walk with these. This beach is rich with flora and fauna.

Satellite Beach Orlando
Satellite Beach Orlando

Biodiversity nearby is very attractive. People visit here to enjoy the nature, if you want peace and want to go away from the pollution of the city, then you stepped at the right place.

The astonishing thing is that this beach is the busiest beach even though it is peaceful.

You can visit here with your family and can enjoy the nature. This also comes under the category of best beaches near Orlando.

In The Nutshell

Well! Well! Well! We just had a walk of wonderful beaches near Orlando, the all the beaches are wonderful. If you plan to visit Orlando, then you should visit these 6 beaches. I had a wonderful experience when I was here.

Ok! I am not forcing you, after all, it’s your money, but there is one good news for you, which is that these beaches are pocket-friendly. You need not worry about money. You just have to enjoy over here.

I planned for beaches near Orlando. What about you? Plan today only! If you need some more assistance from my side. I am there to help you.

Till then! Stay Happy!


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