When going on a vacation, you usually don’t wish to go somewhere crowded, but a quiet, beautiful area. You want to be as amazed by the scenery as you are by the serene nature of the area. You desire to stay in a hotel in which the workers cater to your every whim as you try to experience it all. There should be fresh breezes, natural food, and open spaces. If this sounds like something you like, you certainly need this list of secluded vacation destinations.

1. Bora Bora Resorts

Bora Bora Resorts
Bora Bora Resorts

This a small French Polynesian island northwest of Tahiti. It’s about 29.3 square kilometers and has some 8,880 inhabitants, according to a 2007 consensus. Therefore, it has about 300 hundred people per square kilometer. On most of the island are peaking mountains covered with lush green flora. These mountains seem grander when the sun sets over them. The emerald beach water always gleams, especially when that ball of fire sinks below the horizon.

Despite the dazzling scenery, there are various available activities. You can snorkel amongst the sea animals in the clear water, feed the sharks and stingrays, simply view the fish without swimming, see American WWII cannons, check out an ancient temple, and much more.

The hotels are on the seashore, and the bungalows which make up each hotel chain are on their own small island called motu’s. These are various strung together thatch-roof houses which are also modern. To move from your bungalow to another, you have to take a boat, but room service constantly caters to you, so there might be no need. Some hotels here are the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, the Conrad Bora Bora Nui, the St Regis Bora Bora Resort, and others.

Most people that have been to Bora Bora call it the most romantic place in the world. James A. Michener, a famous and prolific author whose books revolved around geography, called Bora Bora “the most beautiful island in the world.” So when making vacation plans, don’t forget this place.

2. The Town of Fogo Island

The Town of Fogo Island
The Town of Fogo Island

Just off Canada’s northeast beach, four towns formed the Town of Fogo Island on March 1, 2011. The whole Fogo Island has 2,395 people, according to a 2011 poll.

Since it’s between Newfoundland and Greenland, the whole Fogo Island is in “Iceberg Alley,” a region in which many an iceberg floats. Its name comes from the Portuguese word for fire, which seems contradictory, but it has that meaning because sailors see small fires on the island when at sea.

This island’s main attraction is that it’s serene and comforting. There is a sense of fresh, new life after the winter, and many animals like the caribou, the foxes, the gannets, the snowbirds, the king eiders, and others fill this land. Even whales pass by the island sometimes.

You can watch seals or caribou, take hikes, visit the Fogo Island museum, stargaze, ice skate, snowshoe, and much more.

The new, five-star Fogo Island Inn is the main place to stay. This inn offers as great an experience as you can have in the Town of Fogo Island.

3. Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs
Chena Hot Springs

These world famous Alaskan hot springs are in Fairbanks North Star Borough. The Aurora Ice museum and renewable energy products will intrigue you. The Aurora Borealis shows will amaze you. And the healing minerals will soothe you.

The dog sled rides, flightseeing, snow coach tours, snow machine tours, ATV tours, and horseback tours are only some of the activities to do. If you don’t want to do any of those things, you can take a Chena shuttle. It’s even possible to stay overnight or just for a few hours, and if ever you wish to host a large event, they can accommodate you.

So, if ever you wish to have a quiet but scenic getaway, check out these locations.


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