Recently you are planning your holidays. But wait! Where are you going?

Ohh, please!

Don’t choose so dumb place. You have to explore. Try something tremendous.

Imagine! You got up in the morning and you are in Cleveland! Yeah! What a feeling it is.

Are you dreaming of going, Cleveland? Of Course, everyone desires for.

Like me, you are also curious about knowing the city.

I had a wonderful experience when I was there. I always want to go there again and again. I am in the love with the place. It is a place for those who follows the cheerful life, the awesome nights.

It is the culturally diverse city. This city has world-class museums. It has attractive beautiful parks, lush green environment. The city full of fun, energy, and enthusiasm.

I would not like to waste so much of time, I know you are in hurry. You have already packed your bag. Your SLR is ready.

But at least give me a chance to tell you something interesting about the city.

Best things to do in Cleveland

1.Come for rock and roll

Yes, Rock and roll! Can’t bear that? Ha ha ha.. I will tell you something interesting about the rock and roll. You know: it is said that soul of rock and roll is found in the Cleveland city. If you don’t, believe, me You can go for “Thaddeus Anna Greene”.


It is a place of rock and roll” The hall of fame”. You gonna realize that this town has a beautiful musical scene. This museum is designed by world famous architect I.M. Pei.

It is located at the shores of Lake Erie, This world-class museum magnetizes visitors with its power of rock and roll. It has attractive collection and displays.

2. Are you hungry? That beef is asking for you!

Whenever Cavender’s feel hunger. They rush to one place. The name is “Slyman’s”. They offer you the corned beef sandwich. Ohh! Your mouth is already watering.

Slyman’s Corned Beef Sandwich

Go and check out for that and then just look for your pulse.

3. Art lovers; You gotta see this!

Cleveland has a big art museum. Art lovers are going to have wonderful experience over here.

They gonna fell in love with this one.

art museum
Cleveland Museum of Art

It is made up of beautifully preserved neoclassical building with white Georgian marble.
This museum lies at the heart of the city’s “Fine Arts Garden”. Just at the north side of the Wade Lagoon.

This museum is full of the beautiful collection. This collection is more than 30,000 works. Some of the articles are from ancient Egypt and world-renowned masterpieces are from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This museum also plans its calendar for exhibitions, Fair, Art festivals, and, Art lectures.
Means all opportunities are there for art lovers.

4. Shopping Shopping Everywhere!

It has the oldest market. “THE WESTSIDE MARKET” is one the oldest market in the city. This market is best for food lovers. Bakers sale freshly made baked products like cakes, pastries, and patties.

The westside market
The West Side Market Cleveland

On the other hand the artistic chef’s sale on the spot ready meals for you and just next to you. This market was built in 1912 to replace old market named ” PEARL STREET MARKET”.

The cultural food you can taste over here. Because here we have the diverse variety of food of Cleveland. Boom! Your mouth is watering like anything. Am I Right?

5. I love green. Do you?

If you are a nature lover. Then, you are at right place. Yes, I am talking about the gardens.
Cleveland city is famous for its wonderful gardens.

Peace Garden
Peace Garden created by the students of Cleveland State University.

The famous one is the “PEACE GARDEN”. This garden is created by the students of Cleveland State University. These gardens are a living monument of the rich history of twentieth-century America. Here total 29 gardens are made to tell the stories about the major conflicts which gave a frame to the century, which include important events such as The Cold War, The World War I, and The World War II.

These gardens also reveal the cultural, political, and social values of the past century.

Some of the more popular gardens are there. These include; The Albanian cultural Garden, The American garden, The Slovenian Garden, The polish garden and the Czech garden.

6. Fish is the queen of water

You must have heard about your nursery rhymes that “Fish is the Queen of water”. Right?

So here comes the idea. The city has a big big big aquarium. Enjoy the experience with the water world.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium, This aquarium was opened in 2012 and its area is bigger than 70,000 square feet. This aquarium has a beautiful exhibition area and a vast 230,000-gallon tank along with the unique and thundering experience of a walk through a “Shark Land” Tunnel.

A wide variety of fishes are there.

7. Let’s have a tour of little Italy

Yes, here is an area called Italy. It is a wonderful street actually. This area is culturally rich, it is located around the Mayfield. It is called little Italy as it is densely populated with italian families.

little Italy
Little Italy

This place is very happening., here we have art galleries, cafes, shopping centers, restaurants. This area is known as love of the city.

This area is more lavishing during festivals. Specially the 31st eve is awesome. “ The Feast of assumption” is the famous festival over here. This street has become the love of the city.

8. The Orchestra

The Cleveland orchestra is the most famous and historical part. It has a history of sharing outstanding, breathtaking, and joyous music with their audience.

Cleveland orchestra
The Cleveland Orchestra

This orchestra plays a vital role in Ohio’s culture. The musicians take you towards long tour with their musical instruments. You will get mad when you listen their instrumental magic.

9. James- A great Garfield Monument

Here is a great monument in Cleveland.

Garfield Monument honors, James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States of America. It is designed by the great architect George Keller and constructed by great engineer Berea Sandstone.

James A. Garfield Memorial

This monument is 180 feet in height. It’s hand have elements of Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine architecture style along five terracotta panels by Casper Bubel.

It has marble granite, gold mosaics, and the window made up of finest glass. A statue of President is placed on the main floor.

A super view of lake named ” Erie” can be seen from upper balcony.

10. Enjoy Lush green village

Enjoy lush green village at Cleveland. Its name is “North Chargin Reservation”. It is located in Mayfield village. Willoughby Hills, and Gates Mills.

North Chargin Reservation Village

This is 1700 acres wildlife sanctuary. This wildlife is full of diversity. You can experience nature over here. This is the best place for nature lovers. You can enjoy the sounds of chirping birds along with the cool weather. The lake view is wonderful.

If you want to experience wildlife experience, You should go here to take experience.
This village has many visitors due to its magnetizing nature and diversity.

A Short Revision

We are not through yet. There are so many things to visit at Cleveland. This was just my small sharing. If I pick all. You might get bored while reading this article. These are the best places to explore at Cleveland.

If you don’t go. It’s ok! That is fine with me. After all, it is your money. But at least check out for all these places for once. You definitely wanna go here.

Anyhow! I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Till then.

Enjoy your Life to the fullest!


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